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Kemitas is founded in 1976 to import and market chemicals and laboratory supplies of various kinds. The company has been lead to its status today mainly after Mahmut Yilmaz and his family took over in 1980.

Today based in Bursa, Turkey, on a 20.000 m2 land, Kemitas serves textile, food, metal and paper industry. With 30 years of experience it has become one of the leading companies. It is importing, exporting and marketing all kinds of textile chemicals and dyestuffs from companies in Europe like Dystar, BASF, Stork Screens, Idrosol S.R.L., L. Brueggeman, as well as from companies from the Far East. It also distributes products of some domestic Chemical companies.

Our wide product range, warehouse, service vehicles and high stocking capacty give us the opportunity to serve our customers in time.


Kemitas Kimyasal Endüstri Malzemeleri
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